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1 What services are provided by JPPH to the public? JPPH publishes property market reports and several other types of reports which can be used to estimate the market value of several types of properties that are sold in the market.
2 Does JPPH only value property? JPPH does not only value property. JPPH also carries out valuation of plant and machinery. Besides valuation, it also carries out property management, estate agency and conducts feasibility studies.
3 Does JPPH involve in the valuation of motor vehicles? Yes, JPPH also carries out valuation of motor vehicles.
4 Is referencing (inspection) required to be conducted on a property before a valuation is carried out? Normally, a property need to be referenced by an officer of JPPH before a valuation is carried out.
5 Can members of the public request JPPH to value property own by them? Sorry, no. The clients of JPPH are limited to the Federal Government, State Governments, Local Authorites and Statutory Bodies.
6 Does JPPH carry out valuation for government servant who is buying a house using a loan from a bank? Sorry, no.
7 I intend to sell a house which I own. Can I use the service of JPPH to carry out a valuation to determine its market value? Sorry, no.
8 I intend to purchase a house to be financed by the Government Housing Loan. Can I use the service of JPPH to carry out a valuation to determine the market value of the house before I purchase it? Sorry, no.
9 I am interested to purchase a government property which is not used/occupied. Can I make an application to JPPH to carry out a valuation for the purpose of the purchase? Sorry, no.
10 How can a member of the public obtain an estimate on the market value of a property? A member of the public can obtain an estimate on the market value of a property from a private valuer or refers to the property market reports published by JPPH.


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