Alienation Of Land

Under the National Land Code and the respective State Land Rules, any individual, organisation or Government Agency can apply for any state land. When the State Authority approves the application, the land will be alienated and a land title will be issued to the applicant. Usually the State Government will issue a leasehold title for 60 years or 99 years with or without an express condition in the title. Before a title is issued, the applicant must pay a premium to the State Authority.


JPPH will cary out a valuation upon request by the Land Office/Land and Mines Office. The basis of valuation will be determined under the respective State Land Rules.


The State Authority will charge a premium for the successful application. The premium is generally based on the valuation of the land by JPPH. The rates for premium differ from state to state in Malaysia and are based on the respective State Land Rules.


The value of the land will be determined based on its market value which takes into consideration the use of the land applied for. Among the factors that are taken into consideration in the valuation are the use of the land applied for, condition of the land, term of the lease, location, shape and size of the subject land.


If the application is submitted with correct and complete information JPPH will report the valuation to the Land Office / Mine Office within 10 working days from the date of receipt by the office.


The applicant must submit the application to the Land Office/Land and Mines Office, and comply with all the requirements. The Land Office/Land and Mines Office will have to provide JPPH the following information:

Proposed Title Particulars :

  • Category of land use.
  • Express Conditions imposed, (if any).
  • Term of the lease (if relevant).
  • Site Plan of the land alienated.
  • Proposed development plan (if relevant).

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