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Data that can be used freely, can be shared and reused by the people, Public or Private Sector Agencies.

Implementation of the Governments's Open Data aims to improve the quality and transparency of public service delivery on government information. It is also one of the global valuation criteria in E-Government services. Valuation And Property Services Department (JPPH) in collaboration with the agencies under Ministry of Finance has taken action to indentify sets of data for the implementation of open data.

Use or re-use of data shall abide to the terms and conditions.

Please click Terms of Use Government Open Data 1.0 for the use or re-use of data.

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JPPH Opendata documents :

No. Title of Data Set Format Hits
1 Prestasi Perkhidmatan JPPH Tahun 2016 9
2 Indeks Harga Rumah Malaysia, Indeks Harga Rumah Teres, Bertingkat Tinggi, Sesebuah & Berkembar Serta Perubahan Tahunan Mengikut Jenis Rumah Tahun 2000 - 2016 9
3 Indeks(Komposit) Sewa Pejabat Binaan Khas (PBO-RI) Lembah Klang, Johor Bahru & George Town Q1 2010 - Q4P 2016 3
4 Volume and Value of Property Transaction and Annual Changes 1990 - Q1 2017 1
5 Volume and Value of Property Transaction by Sub-sector year 2001-2016 1
6 Summary of Existing Stock for Residential, Commercial, Leisure and Industrial property Sub-sector as at Q1 2017 2
7 Existing Purpose Built Office: Total and Occupied Space in Malaysia 1992-2016 (Government and Private Building) 3
8 Existing Purpose Built Office: Total and Occupied Space in Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur Year 1985 - 2016 (Government and Private Building) 2
9 Existing Shopping Complexes: Total and Occupied Space in Malaysia 1992-2015 2
10 Unit Kediaman Baru Dilancarkan 2016 7

Last Updated : 10/11/2017

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